Netgear Switch Login

Netgear is a brand that is famous for distributing networking devices like routers, modems, extenders, boosters as well as Ethernet switches.

Devices like Ethernet switches come in all types of options of ranging, ports, PoE, and port-speed. You can check out various models that Netgear provides by visiting online stores.

Here, you will learn how to complete the Netgear Switch login webpage procedure through, which is easy as like completing the Netgear WiFi extender setup by accessing its interface.

You will also go through how to use Netgear switch default IP and password to reach the interface. Also, we have added an extra section that is Netgear Switch discovery tool (NSDT).

Netgear Switch Login

How to Reach Netgear Switch Login Interface Page?

There are some of the easy steps that you have to follow so that you can reach the Netgear switch admin webpage.

There are four types of the switches which need to be configured through the IP address admin webpage. The switches are fully managed switches, Smart switches, plus switches, and web managed click switches. There are unmanaged switches that don’t have any admin webpage.

Find Netgear Switch Default IP and Password

To access any Netgear switch admin webpage, you have to find its IP address and admin credentials, then start the login process. Let’s find your Netgear Switch IP and default username and password.

  • The first method to find the default IP number and password is in the user manual of your switch.
  • If the switch is not connected to any router or other networking device then the IP address will be, which is the second method to locate the credentials and IP.

Let’s see how you can access the admin webpage of the various types of Netgear Switch one by one.

Access Webpage of Fully Managed Switch

To log in to the fully managed switch, you have to connect switch with the router and computer with the help of LAN cable. Now, insert cable to the console port of the Netgear device and connect other end to the router and computer.

  • After linking computer to switch and make sure it is connected to the internet.
  • Open the web browser and search the in it and reach to the login webpage.
  • Now, you have to enter the username and password. Mainly, the default username is admin and password will be left blank (do not fill).

You will reach to the Netgear switch webpage dashboard, where you can manage the settings easily.

Log in to Smart Managed Netgear Switch

To access the Smart managed Netgear switch, you have to locate its IP first and then start the login process.

  • If the device is connected to the any network with a DHCP server, then check the list of assigned IP address on the DHCP server.
  • If not connected to any server, the default IP will be
  • Just start the computer or laptop, connect to the switch and router to access the internet and open the web browser.
  • Enter the IP address in the browser and search it to reach the interface login page.
  • On the login page, you have to type in the admin password which is just ‘password’, then click on Login.

Log into Web Managed Plus or Click Switch

To find the web managed plus or click Netgear switch, you have to use the ProSAFE plus Utility or if it is not connected to any network then the IP will be

After finding the IP address, just follow the same steps given in the previous section of the page which is ‘log in to the Smart managed Netgear switch’.

As you can read all the login process are same as like Netgear range extender interface login process through mywifiext.net. Hope you have also discovered the managed netgear switches by using the Netgear Switch Discovery Tool. If not, then let’s see how you can discover it.

Discover Switch via Netgear Switch Discovery Tool (NSDT)

  • Go to myNetgear official portal by using web browser of your computer.
  • Type the Netgear Switch discovery tool in the address bar.
  • Select the Download button and ‘firmware and other downloads’ section will appear.
  • Click on the Download button again to begin the NSDT installation.
  • After the installation, enter to the software and select the connection on the same network.
  • Then, click the Start Searching button, a list of discovered switches appears.
Netgear Switch Discovery Tool

Here, you have learned how to reach the webpage interface of the Netgear Switch through the IP and default admin credentials. We have also added the section related to the NSDT which you can download from mynetgear portal easily.