New Extender Setup

New extender setup
Multiple Ways to Setup

New extender setup is a remedy to all network issues like slow internet connection, weak signals, dead zones, poor connectivity and a lot more. When you purchase a brand new WiFi extender, it comes with a Netgear WiFi range extender manual. This manual has every information about the product, setup and configuration.

Generally speaking, Netgear extender setup is essential for people who do not want to experience any issue with their WiFi devices. There are two modes in which a Netgear extender can be set up i.e. Extender Mode and Access Point Mode. In whichever mode you want to setup your extender, you have to access Netgear genie setup page. And that can be accessed only after setup success.

Now, let’s move further towards how to setup a Netgear extender in each mode.

Netgear Extender Setup in Extender Mode

Netgear range extenders help you amplify the existing WiFi connection and remove all the dead zones. These are the areas with poor or no WiFi connectivity in your home and workplace. Also, these extenders have the LED lights which help in finding out the best place for your extender during the new extender setup process.

Here are the steps to consider while installing a new wireless range extender in the Extender Mode:
1. After un-boxing your brand new extender, position it at a clean place.
2. Plug in extender to a wall socket.
3. Once done, set the extender switch to extender.
4. Turn on your PC and open a web browser.
5. Go to website.
6. Enter the username and password for setup success.
7. Netgear genie setup wizard will open.
8. Follow the on-screen instructions.
And that’s how you can set up your new range extender in the extender mode.

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Netgear Range Extender Manual Setup

“Access Point Mode”

Is the internet in your home or office running at the tortoise speed? Opt for extender setup now to push signals an extra bit. Once done with the setup, it utilizes its antennas to broadcast newly extended signals.


Follow the steps below to set up your new extender in the Access Point Mode:

1. Power on the extender and let it boot properly.
2. Set the extender switch to access point.
3. Connect extender and router with each other.
4. Launch an internet browser and open
5. For setup success, use the default login credentials.
6. Walk through the on-screen prompts.

Fix all such issues within minimal time by talking to our experts.

Netgear WiFi Range Extender Manual is lost?

The market is full of different range extenders but most people choose Netgear because of its fast connectivity. Also, these extenders come with a manual to make the extender setup as easy as pie. Netgear WiFi range extender manual contains a series of steps from starting to ending. Just go through these steps and set up range extender. However, understanding these instructions can make your head spin. The best way to setup extender without making much effort is: get in touch with our experts via email or chat.


Netgear WiFi Range Extender: Common Issues

WiFi/Internet Issues

Can’t connect to WiFi while accessing Netgear genie setup page? Turn off WiFi once. After a couple of minutes, turn it back again. The issue should be resolved now.

Login/Setup Problems

While installing and configuring the extender, users get issues with setup success. To fix this problem, contact our technical experts.

Light Issues With the Extender

If you find no light on extender, this is a matter of concern. A connection to internet would not be possible. Power-cycling the extender once will troubleshoot this issue.

Netgear Extender Setup: Features

Speed Test

The speed test provides two ways for speed testing after new extender setup. The one method is how fast your desktop or laptop can download website content, and the other method is to measure ISP broadband internet speed.

Guest Network

If your existing WiFi router supports guest wireless network, you can view and change the personalize guest network settings. A guest network allows others to access wireless router to access the Internet.

To access the guest network configuration settings, choose Router Settings >>> Guest Access (It may vary model to model). You can easily change the wireless network configuration settings without accessing the interface of your existing router or disturbing the Netgear extender setup, all you need to tap on the Modify button.

Network Map

Tap on Network Map to check the Internet connections. A good network connection is shown in green, whereas a red line indicates that the network connection is not working.

Wireless Settings

Now you can easily configure the WiFi range extender manual wireless settings, including wireless SSID network name, bandwidth channel selection and the password if you are using wireless security.

To configure the wireless settings tap on the Modify button and once the changes are done click on the Apply button. If you are a wireless connection with your range extender during the extender manual wireless setup, you will lose the wireless connectivity for a while and gain it again after some time.

In the case of any queries, feel free to get in touch with us at

Parental Control

Now with the extender setup, you can select the Parental control. Genie confirms to ensure that your range extender supports parental control.


Netgear Genie Setup > Choose Network Support > Tools to display the tools’ screen. The following tools you will avail after setup success.

  • Ping: With the ping utility tool you can check the pathway from your computer to a specified destination.
  • Trace Route: Use traceroute to identify the path to take by the information data packets from your desktop or laptop to the host or server. To use traceroute command press Windows + R key and then type CMD. Click on the OK button. Command Prompt window will appear on the desktop screen. Now type tracert Instead of, you can mention your desire web address or IP address.
  • DNS Lookup: Search the IP address of a hostname or website.
  • System Profile: View details about the desktop or laptop that you are currently in use. Such as its current operating system and network connections.


Ques1: WPS light won’t turn on during new extender setup. What to do?

Ans: While performing a new extender setup using the WPS method, users often come across this issue. It might happen if the extender fails to establish a WPS connection with the existing router. Keep in mind that you need to press the WPS button in a specific time period. Else the new extender setup process won’t be complete. Besides, place the extender close to the router so that communication between them won’t get affected. Above all, ensure that your extender is getting a consistent power supply from the wall socket.

However, if the WPS light on your extender still won’t turn on, get in touch with our experts.

Ques2: Where should I place my Netgear extender?

Ans: The placement of the Netgear extender is one of the most crucial elements that decides its performance. Check the following points in order to select an ideal location for your Netgear extender:

  • Place the Netgear extender in close proximity to the main router.
  • Select an airy room to place the Netgear extender.
  • Make sure that the extender is not kept near any radio-waves emitting device. To name a few, maintain a safe distance between televisions, microwaves, treadmills, cordless phones, baby monitors, etc.
  • Don’t place Bluetooth gadgets near your Netgear extender as it can affect create a mess with the 2.4GHz frequency band.
  • Besides, avoid placing the Netgear extender near objects containing a large amount of water, objects with a metal film, or reflexive surfaces.

Ques3: How do I make my Netgear extender high-performing?

Ans: Implement the following strategies to make your Netgear extender high-performing:

  • Aim for the ideal placement of your Netgear extender.
  • Update the firmware of your Netgear extender regularly.
  • Change the extender’s default WiFi password.
  • Consider using a hardwired connection between your Netgear extender and the existing router.