Netgear AC1750 Extender Won’t Give More Than 5MBPS. Help!

Netgear AC1750 Extender Won’t Give More Than 5MBPS. Help!

Recently, we came across a query raised by a Netgear user. The query goes this way – “I own a Netgear AC1750 extender EX6250 and have set it up successfully. But, even after completing the setup process, I’m unable to achieve a WiFi speed of more than 5MBPS. I’ve tried moving my range extender to different places. But, nothing helped.”

Well, the aforementioned query was perfectly handled with the implementation of a few easy-to-follow tips. This blog consists of those tips. So, in case you are also facing a similar issue with your range extender, you have to stick to reading to get the problem resolved.

Fix: Netgear AC1750 Won’t Give More Than 5MBPS

1) Keep It Away from EM Waves Emitting Gadgets

If your range extender is not giving you WiFi speeds of more than 5MBPS, there are chances that you have placed it near a gadget that emits electromagnetic frequencies. Some examples of gadgets that emit EM waves are microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, tracking devices, refrigerators, televisions, treadmills, etc. So, if your Netgear AC1750 lies near any such gadget, you are required to place it away from those gadgets. Apart from this, you are suggested to keep metal objects at a distance from the extender.

2) Power Cycle the Extender Often

How often do you power cycle your AC1750 EX6250 range extender? Once a month or twice? Or, you haven’t even thought of doing that? Well, the time has come now. This is to inform you that if your extender keeps on working 24/7, there is a possibility that a network glitch will affect its ability to perform well. It seems that the same is the case with you. Thus, power cycle the extender without allowing a second thought to entering your mind.

You can also power cycle the WiFi router to get the problem resolved. However, if you do so, make sure that you switch off the extender followed by the router. The same sequence is required to be followed while powering up the devices.

3) Upgrade Firmware to the Latest Version

There is a possibility that your Netgear AC1750 extender is in dire need of a firmware update. Are you sure that your extender is flaunting the latest firmware version? Consider confirming it. For this, switch on your computer and connect it to the Netgear_ext SSID. Launch a web browser after that and visit Using a valid password, log in to the extender. Click Settings > Firmware Update. Click the Check Online option. If new firmware is available for your extender, follow the on-screen prompts.

4) Enable FastLane Technology

Your EX6250 comes equipped with the FastLane technology that helps it boost the WiFi speed. Therefore, enabling this feature will be worth a try. In case you are wondering how it will help, then know that this feature lets you establish a connection between the extender and client devices through a dedicated band. On the other hand, the second band is used for the connection between the main router and the range extender. As a result, the extender’s performance improves.

5) Place the Extender Close to Router

Reducing the distance between the Netgear AC1750 extender and the main router can also help you improve the WiFi speeds delivered. It is because if the extender is kept too far from the router, it won’t be able to detect the signals emitted by the latter. As a result, the outputs delivered will be less. Thus, bring your EX6250 range extender close to the router. But, remember not to place your devices too close. Their signals may get clashed in that scenario.

6) Enable 20/40 MHz Coexistence

By default, 20/40 MHz coexistence is enabled on Netgear AC1750 EX6250 wireless range extender. But, it seems that you have disabled it by mistake. Enabling this option helps in reducing interference between different WiFi networks present in the surroundings (in case you have any). Therefore, you must enable this option to increase the WiFi speed to the maximum supported speed. For this, log in to your extender, and select the Enable 20/40 MHz Coexistence check box under the Wireless Settings option.

In a Nutshell

Getting speeds equivalent to 5MBPS from the Netgear AC1750 extender is quite disappointing. Thankfully, with the help of the tips discussed in this post, you can make your extender deliver the best. Now, we expect that you will be able to achieve the maximum attainable speed from your EX6250 range extender.

However, before we sign off, we would like to provide you with one last technique of changing the WiFi speed of your range extender. It will surely help you get the problem resolved.