Can’t Connect to Netgear WiFi Extender Network Using Laptop?

Can't Connect to Netgear WiFi Extender Network Using Laptop?

In case you are one of those users who are unable to connect to Netgear WiFi extender network using your laptop, then it is because of the reasons given in the following section:

  • You are not making your laptop access the right WiFi network.
  • Your laptop is virus-infected.
  • Technical glitches too can prevent you from connecting the device to the WiFi.
  • There is way too much space between the devices.
  • You are entering the wrong WiFi password to connect to the network.

Now, the moment has come for you to read the solutions further in this blog and learn how to resolve the “can’t connect to Netgear WiFi extender” issue in the blink of an eye.

Unable to Connect to Netgear WiFi Extender?

1. Check the Network Name

The number one reason why the “can’t connect to Netgear WiFi extender” issue is not letting you enjoy a blazing-fast internet connection is your irresponsibility. By this, we are referring to the possibility that you might be trying to access the wrong network rather than the network of your extender.

To confirm the same, see if you are trying to connect to Netgear_ext or some other network name. In case, the first situation is true, then our bad, but if the second scenario is true, then you need to access Netgear_ext immediately using your laptop.

For your information, NETGEAR_EXT is the DEFAULT SSID or network name of your wireless range extender. To gain info regarding the same, you should read the user manual of the networking device.

2. Eliminate the Viruses

Another reason why you are facing the “can’t connect to Netgear WiFi extender” issue is because your laptop is infected with viruses. There can be two reasons why it got infected. They have been highlighted here:

  • You tried to access a harmful website.
  • An already infected device was connected to the laptop, like a PENDRIVE.

In both cases, you should get rid of these viruses; otherwise, the performance of your laptop will degrade at a much rapid rate. The same can be done if an antivirus application is installed on the laptop. Some examples are MCAFEE, BITDEFENDER, and much more.

3. Restart the Laptop

Chances are that technical glitches have caused the issue in debate, as highlighted under the section of reasons. In this case, restarting the laptop is the best solution. However, some users find it hard to execute the process.

If you are also not sure about restarting the laptop, then refer to the steps mentioned here:

  • Press the WINDOWS key on your keyboard.
  • Select POWER from the pop-up that just opened at the left corner of the screen.
  • From the three displayed options, click the RESTART button.

After giving enough time to your laptop to restart, connect it to the network of the Netgear range extender and see if you are able to without any hassle.

4. Enter the Right Password

In case you are still sadly missing your good internet-usage experience because of the “can’t connect to Netgear WiFi extender” issue, you ought to pay attention to the WiFi password that you have entered while trying to connect to the network.

Does it have typing errors? Yes? And there! The culprit has been caught. To remove this reason from character assassination, it is recommended that you enter the right password. If you need to be sure of it, then look at the label of your extender.

By the way, you should change the WiFi password of your extender if it is still set to default. Doing this will enhance the security of your extender. See to it that you are not keeping the password too personal.

Despite following these tips, if you are unable to get rid of the issue, then it means that something is not right with the wireless range extender. So, reset it. In case you want to get an answer to how to reset Netgear extender, go through the steps given in the manual.

Final Thoughts

Here ends the blog talking about how to resolve the “can’t connect to Netgear WiFi extender” issue with ease. We are hoping that now you will be able to connect your laptop to the network of the extender without facing any issues.