[Top Fix] Netgear WiFi Extender Ethernet Port Not Working

[Top Fix] Netgear WiFi Extender Ethernet Port Not Working

Many Netgear range extender users out there are unable to connect to the network because of the Netgear WiFi extender Ethernet port not working issue. In case, you are one of them, then you might be stuck with this issue because of these reasons:

  • The Ethernet port located on the extender is damaged.
  • There is dust accumulated in the port.
  • The ETHERNET option is not enabled on your computer.
  • Technical glitches too can cause the problem in debate.

Now you should follow the solutions discussed further and learn how to resolve the Netgear WiFi extender Ethernet port not working issue in a flash.

[Fixed] Netgear WiFi Extender Ethernet Port Not Working

As mentioned above, we have briefly discussed the tips through which you can get rid of the issue at hand below. However, despite following them, if you are unable to make the most of the extender, then you should try the ultimate fix which will surely help you out. It is given at the bottom of this blog.

1. Check the Ethernet Port

First of all, have a look at the port on the wireless range extender which you are assuming is not working. Chances are that it is damaged. To confirm the same, connect one end of a new cable to the extender and another to the router.

If you receive internet on your computer, then it means that the old cable was faulty but if this does not happen, then the port is definitely damaged. In this case, it is recommended that you plug the cable into another port of the extender. If this works for you, avoid reading this post further, but in case it does not, continue reading.

2. Restart the Netgear Extender

Another reason why you are experiencing the Netgear WiFi extender Ethernet port not working issue is because of the existence of glitches. These glitches can be eliminated with a simple reboot process.

To reboot or restart your networking device, turn off the extender, wait for some time, and turn on the extender. Apart from restarting the wireless extender, also restart your router and your computer. Now, connect the cable to the required ports and see if you are able to use the internet on your computer.

3. Clean the Ethernet Port

Considering the Ethernet ports located on the Netgear wireless range extender are open, they can get accumulated with dust or another kind of dirt. If not cleaned on time, it can make the port completely non-working.

To avoid this from happening any further, you should clean the Ethernet port on the extender. This can be done if you use a cotton swab. Add some alcohol to the end of a cotton swab. Once done, put it into the port and try to gently clean its walls. It is suggested that you avoid rapid movement as it might damage the connector pins on the inside.

The Ultimate Fix: Do Network Reset

If you are still experiencing the Netgear WiFi extender Ethernet port not working issue, then you should not wait for any more to do network reset. Select the START button, select SETTINGS > NETWORK & INTERNET > STATUS > NETWORK RESET.

On the NETWORK RESET screen, select RESET NOW > YES to confirm. Wait for your PC to restart and check if that fixes the problem. Network reset might set each one of your known network connections to a public network profile. But, if your PC is used for printer sharing, you’ll need to make it discoverable again by setting it to use a private network profile.

Sum Up

The Netgear WiFi extender Ethernet port not working issue can make it difficult for users to not gain access to the internet on their client devices and lead to issues similar to www.mywifiext.net refused to connect. Considering you were one of them, we hope that the solutions mentioned above will help you to resolve the same issue with ease.

If you often come across issues related to Netgear extenders and lack finding solutions that easily, then take our advice and bookmark this website. Whenever you will face an issue related to the extender, you’ll have a place that gives all the information to resolve it.