Where to Place a WiFi Extender? First or Second Floor

Where to Place a WiFi Extender? First or Second Floor

Netgear is a famous brand that distributes range extender worldwide. You can easily purchase extender from the Netgear official website or directly on its store.

To use the range extender you just have to connect it with your home router with the help of the Ethernet cable or WPS button and set it up using mywifiext.net.

Here in this blog post, you will get to know how to use the Ethernet cable to connect Netgear range extender to router. We will also add a section, which will give information, where to place a WiFi extender and how to find an optimal spot for your networking devices.

How to Connect Netgear Range Extender to Router?

Here in this section, you will learn how to connect a router to Netgear range extender and how to update connected networks.

Link Router to Extender

To connect your home router to the Netgear WiFi extender you can use Ethernet cable and also link it through WPS button without using any wire.

  • To link with the help of the Ethernet cable, place the extender near to the router and find extender’s WAN port and router’s LAN port. Insert the cable in the ports and turn on the extender and router.
  • To connect without using any cable, turn on the extender by plugging in to the wall socket and pressing power button. Now, hit the extender and router’s WPS button, then both the networking devices will connect to each other automatically.

Login And Update Networks

By updating the networks, the Netgear WiFi extender setup will complete and you could use the extender. Let’s see how to log in to the Netgear extender by applying simple steps.

  • Connect your compute to the Extender with a LAN cable.
  • Go to the web browser and search login URL mywifiext.net.
  • The browser will load interface login page, here type the credentials.
  • Click on the NEXT button to reach the interface dashboard.
  • On this dashboard you can update the settings and networks easily.

Now, have a look where to place a WiFi extender in your house and how to find optimal location.

Where to Put WiFi Extender for Secure Connection?

Networking devices can face WiFi signal interruptions, if you don’t follow and apply correct tips and set them up incorrectly. Here in this section, you will read some tips that include where to place a WiFi extender, which you should follow during the setup.

  • The Netgear WiFi extender is a plug-in device (the device, which will insert directly in the wall socket). You have to be sure that the wall socket is not damaged.
  • Place where you plug the range extender in the wall socket, must be an optimal location.
  • To dispel any network interruption, you should check that there are no electronic devices like microwave ovens. If you find one, then change the extender and router location.
  • Don’t place your router or extender far away from the router if they are connected via WPS buttons. Be sure both of the devices are in each other range.

So, these are some instructions that help you to find an optimal location in your house and if you face more problems, then perform Netgear extender reset process. Now, let’s answer the most asked question ‘can I link my router to extender from second floor.’

Can I Link My Router to Extender From Second Floor?

The answer to this question is depending upon the situation. Let’s take a look at two situations written down here.

  • If your router is on second floor and your extender is connected to the wall socket on first floor. And you want to connect it via WPS method (which is wireless method). If Netgear connects extender connects with the router, it means you can link your phone to the extender, but internet speed will be slow and connection will be weak.
  • The extender is on second floor and router is on first floor, but cannot establish connection via WPS connection. So, it means you cannot link router to extender from second floor because of the longer distance between the router and extender.

Ending Conclusion

Here, you have got learned how to connect your Netgear WiFi extender to the router with the help of simple instructions. We have also added a major answer to the most asked questions that are ‘where to place a WiFi extender’ and ‘can you connect your router to extender from second floor’.