Why is My Netgear WiFi Extender Causing Signal to Drop?

I have installed a Netgear WiFi range extender in my home. I was promised that I will be getting high-speed, wide-range internet access in all the parts of my home. But the promises seem fake. What should I do now? Did my money go wasted? Are you also standing in the same queue who are facing the Netgear WiFi extender causing signal to drop issue? Are you among the users who have similar things going on in mind? If the answer is yes, then we want you to check this blog before deciding whether setting up Netgear extender is a bad decision or not.

Why Does the Extender Signal Drop?

Before we help you fix the issue, let us have an insight into what does signal dropping signifies and why it happens. Signal dropping implies getting intermittent or very poor WiFi from the networking device.

There are many factors that come into the picture when it comes to the quality of the network that you receive from the WiFi extender. Most users forget to consider these factors while using their extenders. For instance, if you have placed your device in the wrong place where it finds difficult to transmit its signals, then you are bound to get a poor network from it. Or if you haven’t updated your extender for ages, then also this issue will arise.

Apart from the poor placement and outdated firmware, improper configuration settings, mode of connection, technical glitches, etc. are yet other reasons that can result in WiFi extender causing signal to drop issue. Whether it is for any of these or any other reason, we are going to help you out. In this blog, we compiled some best hacks that will help you get the optimum signal from your Netgear wireless range extender. Are you ready to use them? Let’s get started!

How to Fix Netgear WiFi Extender Causing Signal to Drop?

Let us now concentrate on fixing the issue that you are facing right now. You are getting a signal drop issue and you know what could be the possible reason after going through the previous section. Read the instructions given ahead to know how to fix this.

1. Power Cycle the Extender

Yes! You need to power cycle your Netgear wireless range extender first to take care of any technical glitches that it might be affected by. In most cases, power outages can cause these minor technical glitches and the device begins behaving unusually. So, power cycle the extender once to see if the issue gets fixed or not. To do this, disconnect the extender from the router and disconnect the power supply being supplied to it. After that, remove the power cable from the power socket. Once you are done with this, reconnect the devices back and power up the extender. Once done, the signal should automatically improve.

2. Reconnect With Router

We now want you to reconnect the Netgear extender to the router. But this time you must use an Ethernet cable to connect them. Why? Because the cabled connections are always stable. Have you already used an Ethernet cable to connect the devices? Then check the cable once. It should not be damaged. Also, it should be inserted tightly into the respective ports.

3. Bring Extender Close to Router

In the absence of an Ethernet cable, you must make sure that the Netgear extender and the host router are not placed wide apart. The extender can’t receive the signal from the router and thus in return, you will get a poor network from the extender. Place the extender in the router’s range and then see the difference on your own. With each step, the signal keeps on improving and you will be getting rid of the WiFi extender causing signal to drop issue.

4. Relocate Extender

Although we have already mentioned you shift the extender closer to the router, we also want you to keep certain things in mind while you are moving the device. You need to keep it away from other transmitting devices, home appliances, reflexive surfaces, and large water bodies. These can cause WiFi interference or obstruction.

5. Update its Firmware

Now, to further enhance the signal and get rid of the Netgear WiFi extender causing signal to drop issue, you need to update the firmware of your extender. For this, you need to access the Netgear extender admin panel and then update the firmware on your device. You can also manually update the firmware. To know about the instructions for the same, get in touch with our experts.

Once you are done with following all the above-given hacks, you will find that the Netgear WiFi extender causing signal to drop issue is no more troubling you and you will be getting the best possible signal quality from the extender.