August Smart Lock Not Connecting to Netgear WiFi Extender?

August Smart Lock Not Connecting to Netgear WiFi

Enhance the security of your home by installing an August Smart Lock. The Smart Locks by August offer intelligent features like remote control, keyless entry, and auto lock/ unlock. It works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit and is manageable by a mibile app named August app. Aesthetically designed, August WiFi Smart Locks have an in-built WiFi feature, while some locks require a WiFi bridge for internet connectivity.

Occasionally, users report about August Smart Lock not connecting to the internet or it keeps losing connection. August Smart Lock WiFi issues can appear due to:

  • poor and unstable internet connection,
  • excessive distance from the WiFi access point,
  • connecting to the wrong WiFi channel or band,
  • signal interference,
  • outdated firmware on the extender/router,
  • glitches in the network or devices,
  • battery needs a replacement

The internet issues, however, can be easily fixed with the help of the troubleshooting solutions presented in this guide.

August Smart Lock Not Connecting to WiFi: Let’s Help

We’ll take Netgear WiFi extenders as a reference in this post. However, use the same solutions whether you are trying to connect your Smart Lock to a WiFi router or any other extender.

First & Foremost Check Internet Connection!

Is your August Smart Lock not connecting to the Netgear WiFi extender? You should as a first things, check your internet connection. See whether your extender is working or not. Try connecting other devices to your extender to check its WiFi. Log in to your extender’s web interface via and update its firmware in case you haven’t updated for a long time. Apart from this, do this:

  • Mend its connection with the root router.
  • Your WiFi Smart Lock should also sit within the network range of the WiFi extender.
  • Netgear extender and root router should be receiving steady power.

If the internet connection is stable and still the Smart Lock does not connect to WiFi then try your hands at the fixes given below.

1. Power Cycle the Extender

This is a quick way to get rid of any technical glitches and temporary hiccups that are hindering the network connection. Rebooting or power cycling gives your network connection a new start. To reboot your Netgear extender, unplug it and then wait for at least 1 minute before plugging it back. If this simple process does not eliminate the trouble, then continue to the fix listed next.

2. Use the Right WiFi Password

Double-sure by checking your August app that you’re using the right WiFi password of the WiFi extender to join its WiFi. There are chances that the password is updated and you are still trying to connect using the older password. Ensure to use the correct WiFi password.

3. Connect to the Correct Frequency Band

Be aware that the August Smart Lock does not support a 5 GHz band but a 2.4 GHz. Most Netgear extenders are dual-band. You have the option of using two separate SSIDs for both wireless bands. It will be something like Netgear_Ext with a suffix 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Use the Netgear extender login credentials now and reach the admin portal. Here, specify different names for each band and then select the SSID that is meant for 2.4 GHz frequency to connect your Smart Lock to internet.

4. Turn on Bluetooth

If it is a first time setup, then you should have the Bluetooth connection on your phone to connect August Smart Lock to WiFi. Enable Bluetooth on your phone now and then try connecting your Smart Lock to the Netgear extender’s WiFi.

5. Ditch Signal Interference

Too many electronic gadgets and home appliances around the WiFi extender and August Smart WiFi Lock can result in signal interference. Move such devices away to avoid radio interference. Besides, lustrous surfaces can reflect WiFi signals, and building materials, large water bodies can absorb WiFi signals. This can also result in connectivity issues. Thus ensure having your WiFi devices away from heavy mirrors, fish tanks, swimming pools, etc.

6. Reset August WiFi Smart Lock

When nothing else works to fix the August Smart Lock not connecting to the internet issue, resetting it is the last resort that you’re left with. Bear in mind that resetting the Smart Lock is going to wipe off all the customized data from it rendering it the same as how it was when you purchased it. That means it will have the default settings restored on it. Follow these instructions to reset your August Smart Lock:

  • Run the August app on your Smartphone first.
  • Get to the Lock Circle screen on the app.
  • Select the gear icon (Settings).
  • Now, choose the device that you wish to reset.
  • Tap Reset Lock.

Wait for some time and you’ll have your Smart Lock reset to the out-of-box settings. All the guest and owner data is erased from it. Now, give the Lock a fresh beginning by setting it up all over again from the very beginning.


August Smart Lock not connecting to the WiFi extender is a common issue that any user can experience. By making use of the troubleshooting solutions discussed in this guide, you’ll easily get rid of the internet connectivity trouble. It is expected that the August Smart Lock is now connected to the internet by Netgear WiFi extender. It is ready to secure your home now.