How do I change my Netgear Range Extender password?

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If you have any questions on how to change my Netgear range extender password, then please follow the guidelines given in this post.

A Netgear wireless range extender is a smart device that repeats the WiFi signals of your main router and expands its internet coverage to the far corners of your house. But it can be a disaster if you forgot the WiFi password of it.

Note: To access the login page and for the Netgear extender setup process you must have the login details handy with you.

To change the Netgear extender’s password:

  • The first thing you have to reset your smart Netgear wireless range extender back to the factory default settings.
  • To perform this, gently press and hold the reset or factory settings button on your range extender for a few seconds. The button or the reset hole is usually located on the side panel of your device.
  • Once your extender gets resets successfully, connect your computer or laptop to the Netgear extender using a wired or wireless connection.
Wired Connection
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect your devices with each other.

netgear genie setup

Wireless Connection
  • Connect to your range extender’s default SSID Netgear_ext.
Connect your computer or laptop
  • Onto your connected device (wired or wirelessly) open a web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera Mini and enter mywifiext into the address. You can also try to login via
  • Tick on OK.
  • When the basic home-screen appears – select wireless and after that, new SSID and password in the SSID and password fields.
  • At last, click on apply and your extender password has been changed successfully.

Some important things to remember:-

  • Change your login details within a month or two.
  • Set a unique SSID along with a strong password.
  • Never share your extender password with anyone.
  • Do not make use of dictionary words.
  • Include digits, numbers, and alphabets in creating or personalizing your login credentials.

The login details have been changed successfully. Now how do I supposed to set it up?

  • Firstly, you have to plug in your Netgear extender near to your router.
  • Connect either a laptop or computer with it.
  • Open a browser.
  • Enter or in the address bar.
  • Tick on New extender setup button.
  • Complete the fields on the Netgear Genie setup page.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Tick on continue.

What’s next?

  • Click on next.
  • Complete the registration fields.
  • And finally, tick on ‘finish’ to complete the setup process.

See, it is so simple. If you have any confusion, chat with us.

Netgear WiFi Range Extender FAQs

Do I have to update Netgear extender’s firmware regularly? Is it important?

Yes! Updating the latest firmware will help in increasing the performance of your Netgear product.

If I face not working issues, how do I suppose to fix this thing on my own?
  • Make sure that you haven’t entered the URL in hurry in the search bar.
  • Ensure that your device (computer or laptop) is connected to the extender’s WiFi network properly.
  • Restarting your devices can also fix this issue. Once you have restarted your device, try to login from another browser.

Note: Clearing browsing history, cache, and cookies from your connected device can also fix this issue.

Why does my Netgear extender’s internet connection keep dropping always?
  • Maybe your extender isn’t placed closer to your WiFi router. To fix this, please place your devices in reach of each other.
  • Might be your router gets outdated. To fix this, please update your router’s firmware.

To fix internet connectivity issues, please avoid signal interference of metal appliances, electronic gadgets, and other WiFi devices too.

What is Netgear WiFi range extender manual meant for?

The manual of your WiFi range extender provides you:

  • The step by step instructions for the setup process of your range extender.
  • In the manual, you can find the IP address of your device along with default login credentials.
What is mywifiext.local?

It is the local web address that is specially meant for configuring your Apple, iPhones, and iPads with Netgear extender.

  • Connect your device to the extender.
  • Open a browser of your choice.
  • Enter mywifiext.local into the address bar.

Tip: Please update your broadband modem.

I am still facing connectivity issues. What to do?
  • Disconnect your WiFi range extender from the connected devices. Turn it off and unplug it from the wall socket too.
  • Apply the same process on your router and the modem as well. login

  • After 5-10 minutes, restart your devices.
  • First your modem, after that, the router, and then the range extender.

Tip: Contact your internet service provider.

You can also approach our technical experts via chat or email for quick help.