Netgear Extender Slow Speeds: 4 Tips to Get it Fixed


If you compare it with the past few years, the requirement for the internet has spiked tremendously. To meet these needs, people prefer investing in various high-quality networking devices in their homes and workplaces. Whole home WiFi mesh networks and extenders are in boom these days. Netgear is a renowned brand that builds networking devices with cutting-edge technology and amazing features. After setting up Netgear extender, you can have an extended network even in those areas of the home where you never imagined getting WiFi signals. But despite having so many advantages, users at times, may experience Netgear extender slow speeds issues.

Do you find yourself sailing in the same boat? Do you also feel that your money got wasted in installing an extender? If the same thoughts go around in your mind, then let us tell you that there are many factors that decide the throughput of WiFi from wireless range extenders. For instance, the bad placement of the extender is the major reason why you are getting poor WiFi speeds.

We have thus jotted down this post that comprises tips to fix slow WiFi speeds from your Netgear extender. FYI, you can use these hacks even if you own any other extender.

How to Fix Netgear Extender Slow Speeds?

We have enlisted the causes along with the solutions that are responsible for Netgear extender slow speeds. Go through them one by one and find for yourself what has made you think that your extender is bad.

Consider This First

Prior to delving into deep troubleshooting, we want you to check the cables and wiring connected to the Netgear range extender. Faulty and loose cables and wires are one of the main and common reasons why you are not getting a good WiFi network from your networking device.

Take a good look and examine the entire lengths of the connecting cables. Fix any loose connections and replace any damaged cable. You also need to take care of broken ports or sockets while doing this.

Although fixing any flawed wiring is going to help you fix the issue, we want you to check out the tips given next to further enhance your WiFi signals.

Bad Placement of Extender

See where have you placed your Netgear WiFi extender. Perhaps it needs to be shifted immediately to a new location in the home. But how would you know that? Below we have given the important checkpoints that you need to consider while relocating your extender:

  • The extender should be placed closer to the host router. It should sit within the boundary line of the router’s network.
  • Avoid placing the extender very close to the router.
  • Choose an open and central location in the home. Do not place it in enclosed or congested parts of the home.
  • Keep it away from doors, windows, metallic objects, reflexive surfaces, large water bodies, building materials, etc.
  • Maintain a clear line of sight from the extender to the accessing devices.
  • Keep it on a higher shelf.
  • The extender must be placed away from other networking devices and home appliances to avoid signal interference.

Firmware Not Updated

Firmware updates on networking devices are indispensable. In case you forgot this point then this is why you are getting Netgear extender slow speeds. However, it’s never too late. Go ahead and get the firmware on your Netgear extender updated to the most recent version. You need to access the Netgear extender admin panel via mywifiext.local or on the Nighthawk app and then update the firmware.

Devices Not Connected Properly

The extender takes in the signal from the main gateway and extends it further. To get this job done effectively, the extender must be firmly connected to the main gateway or the host router. If the connection between them is not stable then you know the reason for the issue under discussion. Ensure to make a stable and secure connection between the devices and then see the difference.

Unstable Internet Connection

The last point on our list for this post is an unstable internet connection. Perhaps you need an internet plan upgrade. Or maybe there is a maintenance going on. Get in touch with your Internet Service Provider and check with him about the same.

To Conclude Briefly

Here we put a full stop to this helpful troubleshooting post on how to get rid of Netgear extender slow speeds. We are very much sure that you have noticed a drastic improvement in the resultant signals that you are accessing from your Netgear wireless range extender after giving the aforementioned hacks a try.