Netgear Extender Device Light Not On – How to Fix

Netgear Extender Device Light Not On – How to Fix

Many netizens out there who have installed WiFi extenders bankrolled by Netgear have complained about facing the Netgear extender device light not on problem. Are you also unable to make the most of your wireless extender because of the same issue? In case the answer is yes, then applying a few troubleshooting techniques mentioned in the write-up can help you out. But, before that, let us have a quick introduction to the Device LED present on the Netgear range extender.

What is Netgear Extender Device Light?

A range extender comes equipped with various LED lights like the Power LED, WPS LED, Router Link LED, etc. The Power LED determines whether the extender’s power requirements are getting fulfilled or not whereas the Router Link LED reveals if the extender is positioned perfectly with respect to the router. However, the WPS LED tells the strength of the connection between the extender and WPS-authorized devices.

In addition to these LED lights, the extender unit also has a Device light that demystifies the state of connection shared by client devices and the range extender network. If this LED is green, then you can relax as everything is fine. In case, the Netgear extender Device light offsituation shows up, then it is a sign that something is wrong. How to make it correct? The same has been discussed in the upcoming section. However, don’t you want to get familiar with the reasons why the Device light on your WiFi range extender is off? For that, we want you to have a nudge on the points highlighted below.

Reasons: Netgear Extender Device Light Not On

  • The Device LED on your WiFi range extender might stay off if every device on which you are attempting to access the home network is out of the range of the extender itself. All we mean to say is that your client devices are not present in the area where the extender’s WiFi signal strength is good.
  • Perhaps, your extender is exhausted due to overworking and needs some rest. Know that if you expect your extender to overwork, then the chances of you becoming a victim of similar issues increase. The reason is, overworking of a networking gadget can sometimes be an open invitation for technical glitches.
  • There is also a possibility that the Netgear extender Device light not on issue is an outcome of WiFi interference. Possibly, your extender’s signals are getting deflected or blocked. It can happen if you do not position your WiFi device properly.

Apart from these reasons, heavy network traffic can also be the reason why you are facing the issue in discussion. A large proportion of users after setting up Netgear extender keep overloading it with plenty of client devices which is a wrong practice. If you are also among them, then we advise you to remove those devices from the network that actually don’t need internet access 24×7. However, for now, walk through the next section to learn solutions to the problem.

Fixed: Netgear Extender Device Light Not On

  • Consider getting in the range of your WiFi extender’s signals. You cannot expect your client devices to fetch the WiFi signals emitted by your extender if you are attempting to access them out of their range. Now, see if the Device light’s status on your extender changes.
  • Restarting the extender can also help you address the Netgear extender Device light not on problem. The reason being, it will provide some rest to your extender and also kick off technical glitches. So, what are you waiting for? Unplug your range extender from the wall socket, keep it unplugged for a few moments, and plug it back into the outlet.
  • Change the location of your range extender and place it in a room where it experiences minimum WiFi interference. What we mean to say is that you have to place your extender in a room where there are no microwave ovens, televisions, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, etc. present. Also, ensure that your range extender is away from objects containing a lot of water.

The Final Thought

The Netgear extender Device light not on issue can be tackled easily if you are aware of the correct reasons causing it. We hope that by referring to the information given in this post, you will be able to implement the correct troubleshooting technique to resolve the issue.

However, to avoid the emergence of similar issues in the future, we suggest you install the latest firmware version on the extender. It will not only improve the efficiency of the extender but will also add security features.