WiFi Extender: How to Fix WiFi Authentication Problem

WiFi Authentication Problem

Many users face the WiFi authentication problem while they try to connect to a new extender setup. The problem is mostly found in range extender, whenever a device tries to establish a WiFi connection.

If your computer or smart device is also experiencing an authentication problem in the WiFi range extender, then do not worry. You can fix the problem with ease.

In this blog, we will make you well-known with the root cause for the Netgear N300 WiFi extender problem and how to fix authentication problem WiFi on your computer.

So, let’s break new ground.

What does WiFi Authentication Problem Mean?

WiFi authentication by a wireless range extender is to be done every time whenever you try to connect to a WiFi network over your computer or smartphone.

To authenticate yourself as a valid user and connect to the protected WiFi network, you need to have the security passphrase key.

But even after mentioning the correct password, you are still experiencing the WiFi authentication problem, then it is something to worry about.

Authentication error majorly occurs in-between the wireless range extender and the device fails due to some specific reasons.

First, your computer or smartphone sends the password to the extended network and the ‘connect’ request in an encrypted format to the WiFi extender.

The N300 extender decrypts the password and compares the password that is saved on it. If the password matches, it will send an affirmation to get connect with the extended network.

Measures to Fix WiFi Authentication Error

Before we make you familiar with the various measures to fix the WiFi authentication error, it is important to check your Netgear N300 extender. Chances are that you could be struggling with the authentication error because your N300 might be not functioning well.

You can restart it or try to personalize the Netgear N300 setup. After ensuring that there is no issue with your home WiFi network or range extender, follow these following suggestions to eliminate the WiFi authentication error.

Check If Any Extra Character is added in WiFi Security Passphrase

Cross-check password during the Netgear N300 setup. Enter the password carefully while viewing the characters, after that only check if the WiFi authentication error occurs or not.

Reset the Home WiFi Network

One of the easiest ways to fix the WiFi authentication problem is to reset the home wireless network. To do this, you required to forget the respective network first and then try to connect to it again. You can do this by turning off the router and the range extender. Once done, wait for a while and again start them up.

Update the Netgear N300 Firmware to the Latest

Sometimes an outdated firmware version may create a hindrance in establishing WiFi connection between your computer and WiFi network. Visit mywifiext.local website to check if any latest WiFi extender firmware version is available or not.

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