Have You Selected The Best Location For WiFi Extender?

netgear ex2700

Extenders are the best devices to boost the signal reach of your routers. These tiny WiFi devices are catching a lot of attention from people around the world for the last few years when it comes to access lag-free internet in all corners of the home. But, it has been found that some users find it tricky to install the device and the main problem behind the Netgear WiFi extender setup issue is the wrong placement. Answer this first! Have you selected the best location for a WiFi extender? Don’t you really know where to place the device for a seamless internet connection? Worry not! Here are some of the simple yet effective tips to help you place your extender in the right place.

What is the best location for WiFi extender placement?

Perhaps you would be knowing that the middle of your house is the best location for WiFi extender placement. But, knowing only this much is not sufficient. There are certain other points that you need to keep in mind while choosing a location for your WiFi range extender. Let’s know them in detail.

Consider the following:

Change the Angle of Antennas

Make sure the antennas of your WiFi range extender are in the line-of-site of each other. If one antenna of your extender is straight and the other is horizontal then also you may face issues with WiFi connectivity.

Avoid obstructions that block WiFi signals

No matter whether you are doing a Netgear EX2700 setup or trying to install any other model, it is always better to keep your range extender away from obstructions that usually block WiFi signals. By placing your extender at a higher surface and keeping it away from metal appliances, fish tanks, aluminum studs, etc. can help in a big way.

Keep your extender away from interference causing devices

If you place your extender far from the devices that transmit radio waves, then also you can make it great-performing. Common devices that cause signal interference with WiFi routers and extenders are cell phones, refrigerators, microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, elevators, copying machines, fax machines, etc.

This is what you can keep in mind if you are looking to choose the best location for a WiFi extender. What so ever place you choose for your Netgear extender, make sure it is within the range of your WiFi router.

For starters, you can check the LED light on your extender to know whether your extender is getting proper signals from your router or not.

An extender reveals various color lights in various cases. Where the Greenlight is the sign of best signals, amber shows good/average signal range, Red reveals poor signal strength and no light means no internet connectivity.

Thus, keep moving your extender close to your router till you see a Green or Amber light on your Netgear WiFi range extender.

Once you are all done with the right placement of your WiFi range extender, you are all set to make the most of the device.


Though placement plays a major role in the successful installation of a range extender, there are various other factors that if ignored can result in Netgear extender setup issues. A few of them are as follows:

  • The use of an infected PC and outdated web browser can make issues while doing the setup of a range extender.
  • Mywifiext.net is the default web address to make a Netgear extender operational, but if you own a MAC or iOS device, mywifiext local is the URL you need to access.

The first-time installation can be done using default credentials. You can access the Netgear extender manual to get access to the default username and password.

If all these tips are not helping you out and even after choosing the best location for a WiFi extender you can’t make it up and running, feel free to get in touch with our technical experts via chat or email for quick assistance.