Must-try Tips to Make Your Netgear WiFi Booster Fast and Safe

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Netgear WiFi boosters are blazing fast these days with a plethora of features working together to make everything smooth. But often with time, many Netgear extenders get slow down. As a solution, most of us download an updated firmware version but that is sometimes not enough to do the job in a single go. What if you get to know more ways to speed up your Netgear WiFi booster? Yes, you read it right! There are multiple ways to make a Netgear extender faster. Read below to find out…

Disconnect Unused Devices

Unused devices connected to the WiFi network of an extender are often to blame for slowing down its overall performance. These can make your internet saggy and hamper your surfing experience. So, disconnect the devices that you or your family members are not currently making use of from the network of your Netgear_ext.

Reboot the Netgear WiFi Booster

Another way to make your WiFi run without any lag is to reboot it occasionally. Doing so keeps the programming of an extender running smoothly. There is no need to reboot an extender every day, a casual reboot can be sufficient to make wonders, especially if your range extender gets particularity slow or starts facing the overheating issue.

Change the Default Credentials

Right out of the box, a Netgear WiFi booster supports the default username and password given by Netgear to make the device operational. But, it’s more likely that someone is leeching your WiFi, especially if you have not changed the default extender login details, resulting in slow and unsafe WiFi. Therefore, if you want to get rid of slow internet speed and add an additional layer of security to the device, consider changing its default details. The WiFi extender login details can be changed by accessing the Netgear Genie Setup wizard and hitting the Change Password option.

Ditch the Current Location

It might sound freaky to change the location of your Netgear WiFi booster, but sometimes a little shift in the location might bring a great performance to the device. While relocating the device, make sure it is in the range of your WiFi router, getting no interference from signal interrupting things, and is placed somewhere in the center of your home.

Use Alternate Channel

If we talk about current extender models, these are overcrowded with multiple channels you can select from. If you want to stave off over-crowding or hindrance issues, turn on the ‘Auto channel’ mode of your Netgear range. It will change the WiFi channel automatically. Or, you can also do it manually by selecting the least crowded channel available for your range extender.

If nothing works, factory reset the extender

This is your last resort to make your Netgear WiFi booster fast. If you are not getting the desired results from your extender, perform a factory reset on your extender and take it back to the default settings. The Reset option can be found in the settings page that you can access by accessing mywifiext local.

We wish that your Netgear WiFi booster will become a little faster using the tips giNetgear EX2700 Setupven above. Whether you are rocking one of the best Netgear range extenders like Netgear EX2700 Setup or chugging along with an extender for more than a year, the tips given here will undoubtedly make your Netgear WiFi booster as blazing as the wind.

For more assistance on how to make a Netgear WiFi booster fast, you can anytime contact our technical experts.