You Are Not Connected to Your Extender’s WiFi Network: Fixed


While you are trying to gain access to the Netgear wireless extender login page using the web address, are you getting welcomed by an error message saying “You are not connected to your extender’s WiFi network? Yes? Well, this is because you are not accessing the Netgear extender’s network. There can be various reasons that can cease you from accessing the extender’s network. What those are and how you are going to do away with them? If you are looking for the answers to these questions, then they are right here in this post. Stop looking further and get down to reading this blog and find the solution for the problem that you are currently going through.

Why You Are Not Connected to Your Extender’s WiFi Network?

Let us look through various reasons that can trigger the issue under discussion. This will help you narrow down to troubleshooting the issue and also prevent the occurrence of the same problem in the future. Here we have enlisted some common reasons why you are not connected to your extender’s WiFi network:

  • Netgear extender is suffering from technical glitches
  • Poor power supply to the extender
  • Extender not receiving a stable internet signal
  • The network is getting interfered with or obstructed
  • Extender firmware is not updated

Now that you are aware of the reasons for this issue, you can avoid it the next time. Let us now get down to fixing it.

You Are Not Connected to Your Extender’s WiFi Network [Fixed]

1. Restart Netgear Extender

Commence the troubleshooting process by restarting the extender once to eliminate any minor technical glitches that can stop you from accessing the extender’s network. Your extender will get some rest during the process, which is yet another reason for the issue under discussion. So, straight away get closer to your extender and turn its power button off. Cut it off from the power source. Also, disconnect any other cable connected to it. After waiting for a while, connect all the cables as well as the power cable back. Done? Turn the power button on. Now that the extender is up and running, are you able to access its network? No? Give the next hack a shot.

2. Fix Power Supply Issues

A glitch in the power supply to the extender is another major reason that won’t let you access its signal. How is it in fact possible to access the extender’s network if it is going on turning on and off? So, check the power socket that you are using to supply power to it. It should not be broken. If it needs some repairing, get it done. Alternatively, find another active and non-broken power socket in the home and plug the extender in there. Once you are sure there is no power-related issue, check if you still get you are not connected to your extender’s WiFi network error by accessing extender’s network using Netgear_ext SSID. If it still is the same then try the next hack.

3. Check Internet Connection

The Netgear range extender needs a stable internet connection to work well. Only if it is receiving a reliable network, it can extend the network further. Take a look at the way you have connected it to the host router. If you have placed a wireless connection between the both then be sure that the devices are not far from each other such that they are not able to communicate smoothly.

On the other hand, if they are connected using an Ethernet cable, then look at the condition of the cable. It should be in good condition and not broken or damaged. Replace the cable instantly if you find it faulty. Also, make very certain that the connection you are making is solid and firm. There ought to be minimum signal dropping.

4. Dismiss Network Interference

If your Netgear range extender is sitting at a place where it has to share its location with other transmitting devices or appliances, then know that it is the WiFi interference that is not letting you access the extender’s network. Relocate your extender away from them and then see the difference.

Need Help?

Netgear Wifi range extender helps you get rid of WiFi dead spots in the home. By following the above-mentioned steps, you will get rid of the “you are not connected to your extender’s WiFi network” error message while accessing its login page. You will also get benefitted by receiving high-speed internet from the extender. Bear in mind that you should keep your extender’s firmware updated to the latest version to keep getting its best performance. However, under any circumstances, if you are still facing this issue or want to know how to update the firmware on your extender, getting in touch with our experts will be the best choice for you.