Why Won’t My Firestick Connect To WiFi Extender?

Won’t My Firestick Connect To WiFi Extender

A very popular streaming device, Amazon Firestick helps you transform your regular TV into a Smart TV. Isn’t it amazing? Stream your favorite apps, OTT platforms, TV shows and much more right from the comfort of your couch. But you need an active internet connection to enjoy all of these.

But what if your Firestick won’t connect to WiFi extender or router? It is going to be a frustrating experience for you. Isn’t it? Not to worry. Troubleshoot and restore your internet connection using the effective fixes discussed here.

Causes Why the Firestick Won’t Connect to WiFi?

A plenty of reasons can stop the WiFi connection between the WiFi router or extender and Firestick. Some potential causes are:

Poor Signal Strength

Perhaps the Firestick is outside the network range or the WiFi extender is not working properly. Rule out any possibility of this cause by brining the Firestick within range and ensuring right working condition of the WiFi router or WiFi extender. Check power supply and connection between the host devices. If you’re using a Netgear router or extender then use routerlogin.net or mywifiext.net to update the firmware.

Signal Interferences

Firestick won’t connect to WiFi if there are devices around that can interfere with the WiFi signals. The signals are weakened by baby monitors, microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers etc. Avoid signal from getting affected by removing such objects from proximity.

Physical Obstructions

Walls, doors, heavy metallic objects, concrete materials and reflective objects can affect the signal by absorbing or reflecting it. This prevents the full WiFi strength from reaching the Firestick. Get this issue addressed before making WiFi connection.

Internet Outage

Ensure your internet is not down from the back end. Let this get fixed first and then connect the devices.

Amazon Services are Down

Amazon might be experiencing an internet service outage. Wait for a few minutes before you conclude that Firestick won’t connect to WiFi.

What to Do If Firestick Won’t Connect To WiFi?

If the above mentioned quick fixes haven’t helped you then try the best solutions given below to connect your Firestick to your WiFi router or extender.

1. Verify the Firestick and WiFi Connection

Begin the troubleshooting process by checking the network status on your Firestick. See to it that the connection is well established. You can use the following steps to verify the same:

  • Go to your Firestick home screen.
  • Head to Settings.
  • Select Network.
  • Find your network.
  • Press Play/Pause button on your remote.
  • You can check the network status.

If the connection is active then well and good, else try the other hacks from the list.

2. Restart the Firestick

Go ahead and unplug the Firestick from your TV and plug it back after a gap of 2 minutes. This restarts the connection.

If this does not help, then use the settings to restart Firestick.

  • Reach the home screen or dashboard of Firestick.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Select My Fire TV.
  • Click Restart.

Let the device restart completely and then try making the WiFi connection.

3. Turn WiFi Off & On

Try turning off and On the WiFi option in the settings of the Firestick device and see if this simple step helps you.

4. Reboot the WiFi Extender

Try the versatile fix now. Reboot your network. This removes glitches and refreshes the network. Power off the WiFi extender and unplug it. Also, unplug the WiFi router. Hold on for some time now and plug in the WiFi router first and then the extender. Once the extender is booted up, connect Firestick to its WiFi.

5. Forget the Network

Open the Settings of your Firestick device and then move to Network option. Scroll to the WiFi network that you are trying to connect to. Use your remote and select Menu icon and forget the WiFi network. After forgetting the network, browser and select the network name of your WiFi extender again to connect to it.

6. Reset Your Firestick

If the Firestick won’t connect to WiFi extender even after all this, then reset it to the factory settings. You can get this job done using the settings. This will delete all the customized settings from it. Once done, you will need to begin all over again from scratch.


If your Firestick won’t connect to WiFi extender or router or experience connectivity issue, then applying the solutions from this post will be helpful. Once you’ve resolved the problem and made the connection, you can entertain yourself using your Firestick.