How to Connect Netgear Extender to ATT Router?

Connect Netgear Extender to ATT Router

In this guide, we will cover the connection steps of a Netgear extender to ATT router. We want you to know that Wireless extenders by Netgear are universal. That means these extenders can be installed with any WiFi router using web GUI that can be accessed via With that said, let’s help you install your Netgear WiFi extender.

Steps to Connect Netgear Extender to ATT Router

The steps highlighted ahead will help you connect Netgear extender to AT&T router to carry out the Netgear WiFi extender setup.

Before you begin ensure that you have configured your ATT WiFi router already.

Take note of its WiFi name and password as you will require them during the connection.

  • Placing the Devices: Place the WiFi extender next to the ATT router during the connection process. It can be shifted later on.
  • Supplying Power: Power on the ATT router. Next, connect the power adapter to the extender and plug in its second end to the socket. Toggle the Power ON/Off button to power it up.
  • Join the Network: You should now join the extender’s network to proceed further. Connect to the Netgear extender’s default SSID. The password will be mentioned on the extender’s label or there’s no password.
  • Log in to the Extender: Open an internet browser to visit You can also use the default IP You will be taken to the login page. Use the default admin username and password to log in.

Netgear Extender Default Values:

WiFi Name/SSID: Netgear_Ext

Username: admin

Password: password

  • Create Admin Password: Click on New Extender Setup. Agree to the Terms & Conditions and click Next. Choose an admin password for your extender. This password will be used to log in from now onwards. Answer two security questions that will help you recover the lost admin password.
  • Select ATT Router Network: It will now scan for available networks. Select your AT&T router’s WiFi name. Enter the WiFi password.
  • Create WiFi Settings: You should now add WiFi names and passwords and change other WiFi settings for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks.
  • Save the Settings: The last page will display the configurations for your Netgear wireless extender. Verify the changes and save the settings.

Closing Thoughts

This way you can easily connect Netgear extender to ATT router to complete the New extender setup. Anticipating that your wireless extender is all set to convert WiFi dead zones to WiFi filled zones. However, do not forget to shift the extender to the area where you do not get any internet signals.